Quality Assurance and Crop Management

Asia Pacific Seeds has a detailed Quality Assurance (QA) programme that commences from the time we receive the stock seed and extends through to delivery of the end product.

We recognise the importance of appropriate crop isolation and field history in the overall quality of the end product, and our QA programme places particular importance on this.

As part of our internal field certification programme, growers answer a detailed set of questions that reveal each field’s history and attributes as well as crops growing on the same property and neighbouring properties to determine appropriate isolation.

We also participate in the New Zealand government’s AsureQuality internet-based system that maps crops for isolation. This acts as a further isolation check.

All crops are regularly inspected, with particular emphasis on field purity, and crop husbandry. They are checked to ensure disease, pest and weed management programmes are in place, and irrigation is at appropriate levels. Close monitoring ensures swathing, desiccation and harvesting take place at the optimal times.

Throughout the production process we closely monitor our clients’ seed production. We provide them with regular communications and reports to ensure they have a complete picture of the production progress at all times.

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